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        Xi'an Tours

        As the ancient capital of 13 imperial dynasties, Xi'an's size equals 13 times that of New York and six times that of London with a population that's about twice the size of Sydney's. It looks like a modern city but its real beauty lies in the unparalleled historical and cultural atmosphere.

        With 20+ years' tour planning experience, we understand that attractions are important but insider's perspective and personal experiences bring you more sweet memory. Start planning with your Xi'an expert travel advisor, explore Xi'an with your local guide to unveil secrets of the city day by day.

        What Our 1–1 Private Tailor-Made Tours Offer You

        A Xi'an expert to help with the planning
        Experiences beyond the tourist attractions
        The best local guides, directly trained and hired by us
        Trip Advisor 931+ excellent Xi'an tour reviews
        Fifteen years ago, I visited Xian on with a large tour group and just remember some attractions. This time the culture came alive in an even more vivid way thanks to the up-close-and-personal experiences Mervyn curated for my family after listening carefully to our interests and desire to make the experience meaningful for our child. We left feeling like we got an insider's perspective and personal experience with many special aspects of Chinese culture and life. — Ming Hsu Chen from the USA

        Best Private Xi'an Tours (Classic Itineraries)

        These are the most popular Xi'an itineraries for visiting the classic sights. Similar itineraries never mean the same experience. Instead of just show you around, we create unique Xi'an experiences: interactions with local people and culture.

        xi'an ancient city wall
        1-day From US$139 p/p
        Xi'an Highlights Tour
        • Explore top 3 things to do on tripadvisor in one day
        • Book limited tickets in advance to save your time
        • Get insight explanation from professional local guide
        View more
        private guide and customers
        3-dayFrom US$449 p/p
        Essence of Xi'an Tour
        • Discover 7 must-see attractions
        • Make your own terracotta warriors in a cave dwelling
        • Dress like an ancient Chinese
        • Take food challenge at Muslim Quarter
        View more
        The Mt.Huashan
        4-dayFrom US$569 p/p
        Xi'an and Huashan Mountain Tour
        • Stand on the top of Mt Hua, Taoism's sacred mountain
        • Unveil secrets of the Terracotta Army
        • Cycle on the Ancient City Wall
        • Enjoy ancient architecture at Big Wild Goose Pagoda
        View more

        Multi-Destinations Private Tours Including Xi'an

        Muslim quarter
        3-dayFrom US$659 p/p
        Beijing to Xi'an by High-Speed Rail
        • Ride on a fast and comfortable bullet train
        • Admire the Terracotta Warriors
        • Taste exotic atmosphere at Muslim Quarter
        • Walk or ride a bike along the Ancient City Wall
        View more
        the Great Wall hiking
        12-dayFrom US$2,839 p/p
        When Your Summer Vacation Meets Chinese Culture
        • Have fun at sultry night of Xi'an
        • Enjoy amazing sunset on the Great Wall
        • Experience new fishing way in paddy field
        • Discover Shanghainese secret-recipe summer dishes
        View more
        Zhangjiajie landscapes
        14-dayFrom US$3,489 p/p
        China Natural Wonders Discovery
        • Meet the Terracotta Army and make a mini warrior with a local family.
        • Hike along the most photogenic section of the Great Wall.
        • Challenge yourself on the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge.
        • Cycle in the most beautiful countryside of Yangshuo.
        View more

        Spotlight Experiences to Enrich Your Xi'an Tour

        We believe an authentic travel experience goes beyond visiting the must-see attractions. We enable you to immerse yourself in local traditions and life. The four experiences listed below give you an idea of what it would be like if you travel with us. Treat them as inspiration — we are here to help you create your own Xi'an experience.

        Discovery the Bund in-depth
        Secrets of the Terracotta Army Make your own terracotta warriors in a disappearing cave dwelling. Learn more
        Shanghai Chic by Night
        Dynasties of Cultural Exchange Get to know stories behind historic relics of Han and Tang Dynasties and dress up like an ancient Chinese. Learn more
        Jews and Shanghai
        A Bite of Xi'an Take a food challenge at the bustling Muslim Quarter and enjoy peaceful moment at the Great Mosque. Learn more

        No suitable tour? Need some advice? We're here to help.