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        China City Guide

        Rooster-shaped China covers a vast area of 9.6 million square kilometers, with 1.3 billion people and more than 170 cities with over one million people, bursting with enterprise, rapid development and culture. Select from the list below which cities you would like to visit and our travel advisors will reply with a proposed itinerary and quote within 24 hours. See which China cities are visa free.

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        Cities of the Season

        Top Cities by Category

        Chinese ethnic minority travel, the miao people in Guizhou Province Ethnic Minority Guilin | Kaili | Lijiang | Turpan
        China honeymoon travel Honeymoon Beijing | Yangshuo | Hong Kong | Lijiang
        China January destination, Ice and Snow Festival in Harbin January Harbin | Beijing | Yunnan | Sanya | More
        China February destination, skiing in Harbin February Harbin | Beijing | Yunnan | Sanya | More
        China March destination, the Li River in Guilin March Wuyuan | Guilin | Dali | Hangzhou | More
        China April destination, the peony fair in Luoyang April Guilin | Luoyang | Kaili | Beijing | More
        China June destination, the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet June Tibet | Yunnan | Chengde | Suzhou | More
        China November destination, Sanya November Taiwan | Xishuangbanna | Hainan | More
        China December destination, Hong Kong December Beijing | Harbin | Hong Kong | More

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