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        china travel guide Photo by Mercier Zeng

        China Travel Guide

        One of the four great ancient civilizations, China is the size of the USA or Europe, with more people than Europe and North America together. An enormous, mysterious, and beautiful land, China offers you so much to see and explore: from the Great Wall, to the skyscrapers of Shanghai, to the Roof of the World, and beyond…

        • Capital: Beijing (since 1271)
        • Population: 1.38 billion (2016)
        • Area: 9.6 million sq. km (3.7 million sq. mi.)
        • Location: East Asia

        Shh...the Best Advice You Could Ever Get

        Our "best of China" articles will help you making a choice among the highlights of China, from food to sights to souvenirs. Our "Tour Planning" articles offer expert advice on how to visit destinations with the utmost efficiency and enjoyment.

        Find out more best of China

        Top Travel Destinations

        China has a lot of places worth visiting: ancient ruins, modern skylines, breathtaking karst mountains... Is it hard to limit a list of China's best travel destinations to 10, but we have:

        China main cities map

        Top Things to Do in China

        For the top tourist activities in China, we have made themed pages to give you the insights needed to decide what you would like to do in China. We have also covered what you need to plan a trip to appreciate each of these top attractions.

        Giant panda
        The Great Wall hiking
        The Terracotta Army
        Li River cruise
        Chinese food
        Yantze cruise
        Check out more things to do in China

        Top Recommended China Tours

        These are our best sellers. Over 10,000 customers in the last year have helped select these as the most popular China Highlights tours. Of course each of them can be tailor-made to your requirements at the booking stage. Take a look and contact us. Our consultancy is free.

        Classic Wonders
        Classic Wonders 11-Day Beijing – Xi'an – Guilin/Yangshuo – Shanghai Private Tour View Details
        The Golden Triangle
        The Golden Triangle 8-Day Beijing – Xi'an – Shanghai Private Tour View Details
        The Flavor of China
        A Close Encounter with Pandas 12-Day Beijing – Xi'an – Chengdu – Chongqing – Yichang – Shanghai Private Tour View Details
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