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        Home China Tours China Panda Tours

        China Panda Tours

        As the first tour operator to arrange Panda Keeper program, China Highlights proudly provides various choices of panda tours to meet your requirements. From visiting pandas in a zoo, spending a private evening with panda, being a panda keeper, your wish is our command.

        Please don't hesitate to inform us what you like and our 1 : 1 panda expert will be happy to tailor make a unique tour for you and make your tour hassle free.

        What Our Private Tailor-Made Tours Offer You

        1-1 Chengdu expert help planning
        Experiences beyond the tourist attractions
        The best guides, directly trained and hired by us
        Trip Advisor 559 + excellent Chengdu tour reviews
        We stayed with my husband recently in Chengdu. This experience was AMAZING!!! The Panda Keeper program is awesome, we went there with Chinahighlights and this is true: All the content of program offered by them matching perfectly with the plan!!!— Jso2122

        Best China Panda Tours

        Here are some inspirations for you to have a general ideas about what to do and how long it takes. Please contact us if you have any questions about the panda tour in China.

        Chengdu panda tour
        1-dayFrom US$239 p/p
        The Best of Chengdu
        • A smart route to meet pandas during active period
        • A food challenge at local farmer market
        • A Sichuan cuisine cooking experience
        View more
        Baby Panda Keeper Program Tour
        2-dayFrom US$999 p/p
        Wolong Baby Panda Nanny Tour
        • Unique program that is currently only offered by China Highlights
        • A hands-on encounter with a group of panda cubs
        • Feed the cubs with milk and bamboo shoots
        View more
        Dujiangyan panda keeper tour
        1-dayFrom US$269 p/p
        Dujiangyan Panda Keeper Tour
        • Time-smart day tour for a panda keeper program tour
        • Feed a panda with your own hands at a very close distance
        • Clean the enclosure for pandas
        View more
        Wolong panda keeper program tour
        4-dayFrom US$819 p/p
        Wolong In-Depth Panda Tour
        • Less crowded and new base
        • Observe the pandas' acts in staff-only control room
        • Explore the habitat of wild pandas with Tibetan guide
        View more
        Red panda keeper tour
        2-dayFrom US$779 p/p
        Wolong Red Panda Keeper Tour
        • New program for red panda lovers
        • Be a red panda keeper 
        • Feed a group of cat-sized red pandas without a fence
        View more
        china panda and classic wonder tour
        12-dayFrom US$2,959 p/p
        12-Day Panda Keeper and Classic Wonders Tour
        • Beijing-Xi'an-Chengdu-Guilin/Yangshuo-Shanghai
        • Cover the most famous sight in the most popular destinations
        View more

        Trip Notes for China Panda Tours

        A Furry Tale about China Highlights and Giant Pandas

        In 2007, Andreas and Vlasta were the first customers to book a panda keeper program with China Highlights. So far, they have traveled with us to Chengdu seven times to be panda keepers.

        Now, China Highlights has become the tour operator with the biggest collaboration with Dujiangyan Panda Base, where the keeper programs are now run.

        Back in 2007, China Highlights was the first tour company in China to offer a panda keeper program. Since then we have helped over 2,300 customers to fulfill their panda dreams.


        Top Faqs about China Panda Tour

        1. Where can I see pandas?

        The best place to see giant pandas is surely at their hometown – Chengdu. It's the only place in the world to be a panda keeper and take a photo next to a panda.

        If you would like to see wild pandas in nature, we can arrange wild panda tracing tour in Wolong nature reserve for you. Travel Wolong with China Highlight, you will also have a chance to spend a private evening night with panda!

        You can also see giant pandas in zoos of the following cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guilin and Hong Kong.

        2. What's the best time to see pandas?

        During daytime, it is best to visit during their meal or playing times. Early in the morning 08:30 to 10:30 is very suitable, when pandas come out to eat and play. March to May is the "falling in love period" for pandas, so baby pandas are usually born between June and September. If you come between September and December, you will have a greater chance of seeing cative baby pandas in the panda bases.

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