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        the Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet
        Tailor Make Your Tibet Tour:
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        • Your Hotel Tastes

        Tibet Tours

        Bordering the world's top 10 tallest peaks, Tibet is truly the roof of the world. Famous rivers, including the Yangtze, Yellow, Mekong, and Indus, all flow from Tibet. Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags hang everywhere, and beautiful mysterious monasteries sit on snowy mountains, beneath blue skies, beside crystal lakes.

        Visit Tibet's iconic landmarks with our tibet tours: 1300-year-old Lhasa and the Potala Palace. Go for an adventure with a bike on the Sino-Nepal highway. Do a holy kora around Mount Kailash. Pay a visit to Mt. Everest base camp, or go over the border to Kathmandu.

        Contact our travel advisors for more suggestions and help make your dream Tibet tour come true. Tashi Delek! (Welcome to Tibet!) We guarantee 100% success in applying for Tibet Travel Permits!

        Best Tibet Tours (Classic Itineraries)

        These are the top Tibet itineraries to visit the highlights of the area, Lhasa, Mt. Everest, Lake Yamdrok etc. Remember all these Tibet tour packages can be changed according to your needs.

        Why Travel Tibet with Us

        We provide professional service to promise 100% Tibet Travel Permit (Tibet Visa) Guarantee, to arrange flights, trains and tours throughout China and to provide once-a-life time experience.

        Tibet travel permit

        100% Guarantee

        100% Tibet travel Permit Guarantee.

        Little Monk

        One provider

        Flights, trains and tours throughout China with one trusted provider.

        Tibet Insider

        Tibet Insider

        Once-a-life time experience with local guide

        Trip Notes for Tibet Travel

        The following trip notes are provided for you to plan your Tibet Tour. Please inquire if you have any questions and our professtional travel consultant will reply within 1 working day.

        Tibet Maps:

        Map Guide around Tibet
        Tibet attraction map

        Altitude of Main Cities & Places of Interest in Tibet

        City Altitude Attraction Altitude
        Lhasa 3658 m/12001 ft Lake Yamdrok 4500 m/14764 ft
        Nagqu 4507 m/14787 ft Tashilunpo Monastery 4800 m/15748 ft
        Nyingchi 3000 m/9843 ft Rongbuk Monastery 5100 m/16732 ft
        Tsedang 3500 m/11483 ft Mt. Everest Base Camp 5200 m/17060 ft
        Xigatse 3836 m/12585 ft Yumbulagang Palace 3700 m/12139 ft
        Gyangtse 4040 m/13255 ft Lake Namtso 4700 m/15420 ft
        Tingri 4300 m/14108 ft Samye Monastery 3556 m/11667 ft

        Getting There and Back

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        Common Questions About Tibet Travel

        1. How to obtain a Tibet Travel Permit?
        2. Will traveling by train help with adapting to the high altitude?
        3. When is the best time to visit Tibet?
        4. I'm a solo traveler, can I join a group?
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