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        Shanghai Tours

        Discover Shanghai, a booming megalopolis blending the East and West, and ancient times with modernity. The 144-hour visa-free transit policy makes Shanghai a more convenient destination for transiting and short stay passengers.

        We design tours from Shanghai to the Yellow Mountains, Suzhou, Hangzhou, and nearby water towns, all of which can be completed within 6 days. Each tour can be tailored to match your dates and interests. We are all about "Discovery Your Way!"

        What Our 1–1 Private Tailor-Made Tours Offer You

        A Shanghai expert to help with the planning
        Experiences beyond the tourist attractions
        The best guides, directly trained and hired by us
        China Highlights Shanghai won the Certificate of Excellence 2019
        970+ excellent Shanghai tour reviews
        China Highlights provided excellent services throughout my trip to Shanghai. Our guide, Rose, was exceptionally knowledgeable, personable, and attentive. She provided just the right amount of information about the sites we visited and was always eager to answer our questions.— Sandra from Canada

        Best Private Shanghai Tours

        These are the most popular Shanghai itineraries for visiting the classic attractions. Similar itineraries never mean that you'll have the same experiences — unlike other travel agencies that just show you around, we create unique Shanghai experiences that allow you to interact with the local people and culture.

        Pudong area of Shanghai
        2-dayFrom US$399 p/p
        Shanghai's Old and New Collision
        • This is ideal for a first-time visitor.
        • See old and new Shanghai via an in-depth Bund exploration tour.
        • Relax in a rowing boat in a water town.
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        Shanghai Disneyland
        4-dayFrom US$659 p/p
        Shanghai Family Disneyland Tour
        • Learn through the tour — explore a local wet market.
        • City exploration — discover how the old meets the new.
        • Create happy family memories at Shanghai Disneyland.
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        fly a drone by yourself
        2-dayFrom US$469 p/p
        A Journey to the Future
        • Learn about Shanghai's urban layout.
        • Get close to the world's leading drone.
        • Enjoy a meal in a restaurant where you are served by robots.
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        Tours from Shanghai

        Shanghai is a major gateway city to most tourist cities in China. Convenient transportation including flights and bullet trains means it is very easy to access other cities. See our five most popular tours from Shanghai below.

        Lingering Garden in Suzhou
        1-dayFrom US$179 p/p
        Shanghai to Suzhou Day Trip1-Day
        • Enjoy Suzhou's UNESCO gardens.
        • Experience moxibustion in Tongli Water Town.
        • Have a private transfer between Shanghai and Suzhou.
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         Nanxun Watertown
        4-dayFrom US$1,109 p/p
        Shanghai, Hangzhou, Water Town Culture Tour
        • Discover the secret to Shanghai's development by exploring the Bund.
        • Be a Hangzhouness and pick tea leaves for one day.
        • Enjoy a cultural experience in Nanxun Water Town.
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        Hangzhou West Lake
        5-dayFrom US$919 p/p
        Yangtze River Delta Bullet Train Tour
        • Stand at the top of Shanghai.
        • Explore a Suzhou garden at night and enjoy cultural performances.
        • Experience a tea famer's life in Hangzhou
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        Yellow Mountains
        3-dayFrom US$789 p/p
        Yellow Mountains Tour
        • Enjoy a sunset and sunrise from the best locations on the mountains.
        • Relax and feel refreshed at Huangshan Hot Spring.
        • Stay overnight in a rural utopia.
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        The Great Wall
        2-dayFrom US$719 p/p
        Beijing Highlights from Shanghai2-Day
        • Walk on the less crowded Great Wall section.
        • Explore the emperors' lives in the Forbidden City.
        • Enjoy a royal garden at the Summer Palace.
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        Shanghai Layover Tours and Excursions

        Shanghai is a main transit city for global flights and it has several international cruise ports. Utilize your layover time with a city excursion. Here are two popular tours.

        Night view of the Bund
        1-dayFrom US$199 p/p
        Shanghai Layover Tour

        Utilize your limited time to explore the highlights of Shanghai with a tailor-made itinerary to fit your schedule.

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        Shanghai International Cruise Port
        2-dayFrom US$419 p/p
        Shanghai and Water Town Tour from the Port

        Specially designed for a cruise excursion, have a private transfer between the city and the cruise port.

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        Spotlight Experiences to Enrich Your Shanghai Tour

        We believe an authentic travel experience goes beyond visiting the must-see attractions. We enable you to immerse yourself in local traditions and life. The four experiences listed below give you an idea of what it would be like if you travel with us. Treat them as inspiration — we are here to help you create your own Shanghai experience.

        Discovery the Bund in-depth
        Shanghai in Progress Meet old and new Shanghai. Learn more
        Shanghai Chic by Night
        Shanghai Chic by Night Shanghai's must-see attractions by night. Learn more
        Jews and Shanghai
        Jews and Shanghai Visit a Jewish ghetto. Learn more
        Shengjian Pan
        Shanghai Local Food Hunting Authentic local snacks. Learn more

        No suitable tour? Need some advice? We're here to help.

        What would you like to experience in Shanghai?