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        Shanghai Travel Guide

        Shanghai has a long history as a gateway to China on the Yangtze River Delta. It is the largest economic and trade center in China, and one of China's cultural centers.

        Shanghai's colonial past is retained in the Bund and cosmopolitan air.

        Shanghai is at the front line of China's economic development. The Pudong district's prosperous features are guaranteed to wow visitors.

        Shanghai Accessibility & Restrictions for Visitors

        Shanghai is conditionally open and can be visited by foreign travelers.

        1. What you will need to visit:

        • The green health code program: Shanghai Suishen Ma (上海隨申碼)
        • Passport
        • Mask

        2. You need a reservation if visiting:

        • Yuyuan Garden
        • Shanghai Tower
        • Jinmao Tower
        • Shanghai World Financial Center


        Top Reasons to Visit Shanghai

        • Ancient reasons: Water towns, traditional gardens, and ancient sites.
        • Modern reasons: With some of the world's biggest buildings with observation decks and the Bund, Shanghai oozes an atmosphere of vitality and rivals New York and London for modernity
        • Cultural reasons: Shanghai is one of China's cultural hubs with its own cuisine, opera and dialect. It is an art, science and culture trendsetter where Western culture stemming from its colonial past, international connections, and large expat community and Eastern culture are fusing.
        • Ease of onward trips: Shanghai has two huge international airports from which you can tour the huge Yangtze Delta for 6 days visa-free. Though the city is vast, good planning and the subway helps you to get around. From Shanghai, it is easy to travel by plane or bullet train to most major Chinese destinations. See more on Shanghai Transport.

        More Reasons to Visit Shanghai>>

        Top Things to Do in Shanghai

        More top things to do in Shanghai>>


        Good Times to Visit Shanghai

        Tongli Water TownTongli Water Town is one of several that our tourists prefer near Shanghai.

        Winter in Shanghai is windy and chilly, so to visit the water towns, enjoy the Bund and see the scenery during clear warm (or hot) weather, the period from March to the end of November is better.

        To avoid crowds, heat and storms, avoid July, August and the first weeks of October and May.

        See more on Shanghai Weather.

        Travel Shanghai Your Way!

        Shanghai is such a large and complex city that going with a tour guide and driver to see Shanghai's modern wonders and classic side helps make your visit less stressful and more rewarding.

        Our well-designed tour plans cover the highlights of the Shanghai area in ways that experience and customer feedback shows are best. They can all be customized to your interests and travel style.


        Recommended Shanghai Itineraries

        Or you could just contact us with your interests and requirements, and we will send you a quote and proposed itinerary within 24 hours.