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        Home Giant Pandas How Can I Hold a Panda

        Where and How Can I Hold a Panda?

        hold a pandaThe staff in the panda base is holding a panda.

        Eager to hold a panda? Confused with the information- is it still possible to hold a panda or not? Is there any other chance to hold a panda?

        Continue to read and you'll find all the answers.

        Giant Panda Holding Program (Suspended)

        You might have seen pictures of a person holding a panda or having barrier-free contact with an adorable giant panda.

        Want to experience this personally?

        join in a baby panda volunteer to hold a baby pandaA baby panda is climbing a tree.

        The bad news is that the Panda Holding Program has been suspended since November 2018 in all panda bases in Chengdu.

        This is still the case, as of the latest news update on October 25, 2019. You might be confused when you see many tours including this program on some agencies' websites.

        It would be a pity if you are unable to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

        Baby Panda Holding and Volunteer Program

        hold a baby pandaA baby panda is sleeping on a tree.

        Don't be upset- a new volunteer program for baby pandas is available in Wolong Panda Center, which will make up for not being able to take part in the original program.

        This program offers more activities than the previous one in which you could only hold a panda for 20 seconds.

        You will be a baby panda nanny for a whole day and have a hands-on encounter with a group of panda cubs.

        You will experience these activities:

        • Hold the cubs and feed them with milk and bamboo shoots.
        • Clean the panda cubs’ bedroom.
        • Make cakes for the pandas.
        • Tour around the panda base.
        hold a panda

        Can you imagine how green with envy your friends will be when you do that?

        Grasp this rare chance before it is too late and have an intimate experience with the cute baby pandas.

        We are proud to tell you that this unique program is currently only offered by China Highlights.

        See what you will experience in our exclusive tour.

        2-Day Wolong Panda Cub Keeper Program Tour 2-day Interact closely with panda cubs as you bottle-feed them, supply them with bamboo, and clean their enclosure with your own hands View more
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