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        We Fix the Uncertainty & Concern

        Contact Us to Fix Travel Uncertainty & Concern in Uncertain Times.

        We confirm where you can go.

        We help guide you to get the required travel documents (including COVID health codes).

        We offer the best options when last minute changes occur.

        We promise a full refund for any reason when canceling before your arrival day.

        Contact Us

        Tell us your idea, and we will reply you within 1 working day!
        7,000+ Reviews, 99%
        Email: service@chinahighlights.com Tel: +86 773 2831999 (24h)

        (Inside China: 0773 2831999)

        Fax: +86 773 2827424

        800 toll-free numbers:

        USA: 800-2682918

        UK: 0800-0327753

        Australia: 1800-764678

        Contact us via WeChat Mon. to Fri., 9am to 6pm

        Time now in China:


        Building 6, Chuangyi Business Park, 70 Qilidian Road, Guilin, Guangxi, 541004, China


        Partner Team

        Travel agents, schools or organization, please contact our Partner Care Team at sunny@chinahighlights.com

        Customer Marketing Program:

        Customers who can and are interested in promoting China Highlights through their high-profile business/website, please contact pr@globalhighlights.com.

        Academic and Educational Permission:

        For academic and educational permission to use this website's content, please contact us at pr@globalhighlights.com.

        About us

        Read more about our company here.