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        Giant Panda / Chengdu The Potala Palace/ Lhasa The Stone Forest/ Kunming Ancient Town/ Lijiang The Victoria Peak/ Hong Kong The Terracotta Army/ Xi'an The Great Wall/ Beijing The Yellow Mountains/ Huangshan The Skyscrapers/ Shanghai The West Lake/ Hangzhou The Glass Bridges/ Zhangjiajie The Li River/ Guilin The Potala Palace/ Lhasa Giant Panda / Chengdu The Li River/ Guilin The Glass Bridges/ Zhangjiajie The West Lake/ Hangzhou The Skyscrapers/ Shanghai The Yellow Mountains/ Huangshan The Great Wall/ Beijing The Terracotta Army/ Xi'an Ancient Town/ Lijiang The Stone Forest/ Kunming The Victoria Peak/ Hong Kong Pingyao Harbin Guiyang

        China City Tours

        China Highlights offers China city tour packages to cities or destinations, lasting 2 to 5 days. Explore the Great Wall near Beijing, water towns near Shanghai, Terracotta Army in Xi'an, or Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo, and there are more China city discoveries.

        For those who would like to discover China in a small group, we provide small group tours (maximum 10 in each group).
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        Dec. 23–26
        4-Day Zhangjiajie Tour
        3,599 CNY
        Dec. 23–28
        6-Day Xishuangbanna and Pu'er Tour
        5,880 CNY
        Dec. 25–29
        5-Day Harbin and China Snow Town Tour
        4,990 CNY
        Dec. 25–31
        7-Day Harbin, Yabuli, Snow Town and Jilin Rime Tour
        8,390 CNY
        Dec. 26-30
        5-Day Hailuogou and Chengdu Tour
        4,990 CNY
        Dec. 26 – Jan. 2
        8-Day Yunnan along the Nujiang Grand Canyon Tour
        6,490 CNY

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        The Most Popular Destinations

        Destinations with Amazing Landscape

        The West Lake in Hangzhou
        Hangzhou Tea Culture . West Lake . Shanghai Escape
        Beautiful Chinese gardens in Suzhou
        Suzhou Beyond Classical Gardens
        Silk Road
        Silk Road Culture Hits . Historical Relics . Desert Scenery
        The Yuanyang Terraced Fields, the sunset of the Terraced Fields
        Yunnan Diverse Landscapes
        Chinese minority groups in Guizhou, minority festivals
        Guizhou Home to China's Ethnic Minorities
        The Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong
        Hong Kong Metropolis . Skylines . Mixture of Cultures
        Skiing in Harbin ski resort
        Harbin Oriental Moscow . Snowy Fairyland
        Hakka Castles in Xiamen
        Xiamen Garden on the Sea, Hakka Castles
        The autumn colors in Jiuzhaigou valley
        Jiuzhaigou Jewel-like Lakes . Waterfalls . Forests
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