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        Home China Train China Guide Xi'an Train Schedule

        Xi'an Train Schedule

        Xi’an Railway Station
        Xi’an is the 4th-largest railway station in China. Acting as a hub in the northwest to southwest network, it runs trains to all provinces in China and to major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Guangzhou.

        Xi’an North Railway Station
        Xi’an North is the largest railway station in Asia, with 18 platforms and 34 railway tracks. It is served by high-speed trains (G-series; D-series) running for example to Beijing, Shanghai, Ningbo, Guilin, and Pingyao.

        Xi'an Train Schedules

        (Last Updated on September 16th, 2019)

        From To Popular Train(s) Travel Time Distance (KM) Prospect Price
        Xi'an Station Beijing West Station *Z44(19:27-08:22+1)
        12h55m 11h37m 1075km Superior: $125
        Soft Sleeper: $68
        Hard Sleeper: $43
        Shanghai *Z94(16:46-08:05+1) 15h19m 1378km Superior: $145
        Soft Sleeper: $79
        Hard Sleeper: $50
        Hangzhou Station *Z88(19:13-11:51+1) 16h38m 1316km Soft Sleeper: $85
        Hard Sleeper: $54
        Guangzhou Station *Z266(22:03-20:00+1) 21h57m 1632km Soft Sleeper: $114
        Hard Sleeper: $64
        Shenzhen Station *Z232(19:54-19:28+1) 23h34m 1764km Hard Sleeper: $64
        Guilin North Station *K318(19:07-21:42+1) 26h35m 1375km Soft Sleeper: $87
        Hard Sleeper: $55
        Pingyao Station *2672(22:53-07:24+1) 8h31m 511km Soft Sleeper: $32
        Hard Sleeper: $20
        Chengdu Station *K545(06:23-22:25)
        16h02m 13h55m 711km Soft Sleeper: $49
        Hard Sleeper: $32
        Chongqing West Station *K1032(18:30-05:28+1) 10h58m 678km Soft Sleeper: $44
        Hard Sleeper: $29
        Xi'an North Station Beijing West Station G26(09:18-13:50)
        1378km 1st Class: $120
        2nd Class: $75
        Shanghai Hongqiao Station G1918(09:23-16:45) 7h22m 1366km 1st Class: $160
        2nd Class: $98
        Shanghai Station *D308(19:44-06:26+1) 10h42m 1358km Superior: $269
        Soft Sleeper: $135
        2nd Class: $67
        Hangzhou East Station G1884(13:40-20:32) 6h52m 1322km 1st Class: $156
        2nd Class: $95
        Ningbo Station G1896(08:40-17:38) 8h58m 529km 1st Class: $171
        2nd Class: $105
        Guangzhou South Station G838(12:32-21:17) 8h45m 1640km 1st Class: $190
        2nd Class: $119
        Shenzhen North Station G820(09:35-19:18) 09h43m 1757km 1st Class: $204
        2nd Class: $130
        Guilin Station G2855(08:07-18:40) 10h33m 1379km 1st Class: $169
        2nd Class: $109
        Pingyao Gucheng Station D2508(09:15-12:07) 2h52m 508km 1st Class: $28
        2nd Class: $22

        Up-to-date Xi'an train schedules

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