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        Home China Train Shanghai - Hangzhou High-Speed Trains

        Shanghai - Hangzhou High-Speed Trains

        The Shanghai – Hangzhou High-Speed Railway, also called Huhang High-Speed Railway, starts from Shanghai Hongqiao/Shanghai Railway Stations and ends at Hangzhou East/Hangzhou Railway Stations. More than 150 bullet trains running on this route every day, with the travel time of around an hour. These trains pass through stations of Songjiang South, Jiashan South, Jiaxing South, Tongxiang (for Wuzhen Ancient Town), Haining and Yuhang, etc.


        shanghai-hangzhou bullet train route map

        Shanghai – Hangzhou Bullet Train Schedules and Ticket Prices

        If you want up-to-date schedules, you may use the search tool at the top of this page, or search on China Highlights Train Ticket Service.

        Shanghai to Hangzhou High-Speed Train Schedule and Ticket Fares

        (Updated on February 14th, 2020)

        There are different terminals in each city for high-speed trains. The prices differ for different routes.

        Departure Arrival Departure Time Frequency Duration Seat Class Price
        CNY USD
        Shanghai Hongqiao Hangzhou 07:27, 11:34, 18:18, 21:30 4 trains 58 mins to 1h21m 2nd class ¥77.50 $12
        1st class ¥123.50 $19
        Business class ¥233.50 $35
        Hangzhou East G train: 06:00 – 21:30 112 trains 45 mins to 1h28m 2nd class ¥73 $11
        1st class ¥117 $18
        Business class ¥219.50 $33
        D train: 06:40 – 19:06 18 trains 56 mins to 1h37m 2nd class ¥56 $9
        1st class ¥89 $14
        Shanghai Hangzhou East 08:05, 09:38 2 trains 1.5 hours 2nd class ¥92.50 $14
        1st class ¥147.50 $22
        Business class ¥278.50 $42

        Hangzhou to Shanghai High-Speed Train Schedule and Ticket Fares

        (Updated on February 14th, 2020)

        Departure Arrival Departure Time Frequency Duration Seat Class Price
        CNY USD (approx.)
        Hangzhou East Shanghai Hongqiao G train: 06:48 – 22:39 112 trains 45 mins to 1h30m 2nd class ¥73 $11
        1st class ¥117 $18
        Business class ¥219.50 $33
        D train: 10:26 – 21:41 18 trains 55 mins to 1h45m 2nd class ¥56 $9
        1st class  ¥89 $14
        Hangzhou Shanghai Hongqiao 08:34, 09:39, 15:53, 20:25 4 trains 59 mins to 1h22m 2nd class ¥77.50 $12
        1st class ¥123.50 $19
        Business class ¥233.50 $35
        Shanghai 06:10, 20:00 2 trains 1.5 hours 2nd class ¥92.50 $14
        1st class ¥147.50 $22
        Business class ¥278.50 $42

        Children's Tickets

        A child fare is 50% of the full price for seats. Children's fares apply to children younger than 12 years of age and not taller than 1.5 m (4.9 feet). Read here for more information about children's tickets.

        Three Train Types on Shanghai – Hangzhou High-Speed Rail Routes

        There are three types of trains running on this rail route: daytime high-speed G trains (250-300 kph or 155-186 mph), daytime high-speed D trains (200-250 kph or 124-155 mph) and overnight high-speed D trains (200-250 kph or 124-155 mph). Among them, overnight high-speed D trains are only available on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

        Three Seat Classes on Shanghai – Hangzhou Bullet Trains

        For daytime G trains, business class, first class, and second class seats are available. For daytime D trains, first class and second class seats are available. For overnight D trains, there are second class seats and soft sleeper berths.

        Read here for more information about how to choose China train types and seats.

        Train Stations of Shanghai – Hangzhou Bullet Trains

        shanghai hongqiao railway station, bullet train in Shanghai Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

        There are two Shanghai terminals and two Hangzhou terminals for these high-speed routes: Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, Shanghai Railway Station, Hangzhou East Railway Station, and Hangzhou Railway Station.

        Two Terminals for Shanghai High-Speed Trains

        Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station (Chinese: 上海虹桥站)

        Located in Minhang District, west of downtown Shanghai, the station is only 500 meters west of Hongqiao Airport Terminal Two.

        Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station is one of the four major train stations in Shanghai, and an important transportation hub mainly serves high-speed trains to and from the the city.

        The metro platforms, bus stops and taxi stands are located on the underground floor of the station.

        Public Transportation

        • By bus: 320, 173; Minhang bus line 23; Hongqiao Transportation Hub bus line 1/4/5/6/7/8/10; airport express line 1; Honglian scheduled shuttle bus
        • By subway: Shanghai Subway Line 2, Line 3, Line 10

        See our transportation guide for Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station.

        Shanghai Railway Station (Chinese: 上海站)

        Located in the central zone of the city, the station isabout 4 kilometers (2 miles) west of the Bund. It is equipped with very frequent transportation.

        Transportation to Shanghai Railway Station

        • By bus: 106, 115, 117, 305, 306, 310, 817, 823, 912, 929, 942, 328, 573, 955, 95, 104, 113, 301, 302, 308, 315, 322, 324, 328, 329, 837, 927, 930, 941
        • By subway: Line 1, Line 2

        See our transportation guide for Shanghai Railway Station.

        Read more information in Shanghai city's transportation guide.

        hangzhou east Hangzhou East Railway Station

        It is difficult for foreigners who don't speak Chinese to take buses in China, as bus signs and announcements are usually in Chinese only. You may also have to wait for a long time for a taxi during the rush hours.

        If you want security and no hassle, the 24/7 private transfer service provided by China Highlights is your best choice. China Highlights' transfer service, providing a private van, English-speaking tour guide, and experienced driver, can help you skip the hassle and language problems. Book a transfer service with China Highlights now.

        Two Terminals for Hangzhou High-Speed Trains

        Hangzhou East Railway Station (Chinese: 杭州东站)

        Located in the east of downtown Hangzhou, the station is about 15 kilometers (9 miles) northeast of West Lake.

        • By bus: line 9, 20, 28, 43, 48, 107, 108, 215, 227, 228, 320, 933; B4; 598a; Hangzhou Airport – East Station bus line
        • By subway: Line 1 and Line 4

        See our transportation guide for Hangzhou East Railway Station.

        Hangzhou Railway Station (Chinese: 杭州火车站)

        Hangzhou Railway Station (known to local residents as Chengzhan Station) is the oldest and main station in the city. It lies at the junction of Huancheng East Road and West Lake Avenue and is only 10 minutes' ride to West Lake.

        Transportation to Hangzhou Railway Station

        • By bus: line 11, 21, 39, 116, 140, 185,210, 400; Y2; B2; K225, K508, K525, K900
        • By subway: Line 1
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