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        Home China Train Pingyao Train Schedule

        Pingyao Train Schedule

        Pingyao Railway Station
        Pingyao Railway Station is one of two railway stations serving the Ancient City. This small station operates normal-speed trains to (for example) Beijing, Shanghai and Taiyuan. You can easily take a battery car to the Ancient City after getting off at the station.

        Pingyao Ancient City Railway Station
        Pingyao Ancient City Railway Station is about 10 kilometers from the Ancient City. It mainly runs high-speed trains to Xi’an North and Beijing West stations. Passengers getting off at this station can take Bus No. 108 directly to the Ancient City.

        (Last Updated on January 8th, 2020)

        From To Popular Train(s) Travel Time Distance (KM) Prospect Price
        Beijing Railway Station Pingyao Station K961(02:49-15:24) 12h35m 782km Hard Seat:$15  
        Hard Sleeper:$27  
        Soft Sleeper:$42
        K603(17:12- 04:52) 11h40m 676km Hard Seat:$14  
        Hard Sleeper:$24  
        Soft Sleeper:$36
        K609(23:53- 09:29) 9h36m 749km Hard Seat:$15  
        Hard Sleeper:$26  
        Soft Sleeper:$40
        Xi'an Station 1486(12:06-20:55) 8h49m 543km Hard Seat:$15  
        Hard Sleeper:$26  
        Soft Sleeper:$29
        2096(19:00-05:09) 10h09m
        2672(22:53-07:24) 8h31m
        Xi'an South Station K690(17:18-03:38) 10h20m 586km Hard Seat:$12  
        Hard Sleeper:$21
        Soft Sleeper:$32
        Datong Station K7807(06:20-13:54) 7h34m 463km Hard Seat:$10  
        Hard Sleeper:$18
        K961(09:32-15:24) 5h52m 408km Hard Seat:$9   
        Hard Sleeper:$16  
        Soft Sleeper:$24
        2671(16:40-00:11) 7h31m 463km Hard Seat:$9   
        Hard Sleeper:$17  
        Soft Sleeper:$26
        2463(22:26-05:52) 7h26m 463km Hard Seat:$9   
        Hard Sleeper:$17  
        Soft Sleeper:$26
        Beijing West Station Ancient City Station D2001(07:46-12:08) 4h22m 584km 1st Class: $37
        2nd Class: $27
        G605(10:28-14:32) 4h04m 606km 1st Class: $47  
        2nd Class: $33 
        D2005(15:29-19:42) 4h13m 606km 1st Class: $37  
        2nd Class: $27
        Xi'an North Station D2506(09:07-11:31) 2h24m 486km 1st Class: $27  
        2nd Class: $22
        D2508(09:39-12:23) 2h44m
        D2512(11:08-14:14) 3h06m
        D2516(12:10-15:10) 3h
        D2520(13:40-16:47) 3h07m
        D2526(15:52-18:58) 3h06m
        D2562(16:12-19:26) 3h14m
        D2534(19:05-22:04) 2h59m