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        Home China Train Lost Ticket Tips

        Lost Ticket Tips

        Domestic train tickets in China can be reissued if somehow you lose them. On the other hand, if you lose international train tickets, these cannot be reissued or reimbursed.

        For domestic trains:

        • If ticket is lost before boarding, you can follow 4 steps to get your ticket reissued.
        • If ticket is lost on the train, get your ticket reissued onboard.
        • If ticket is lost after getting off and before check-out, report the loss at the arrival station

        What Should I Do If I Lost Domestic Train Tickets

        If Lost Tickets Before Boarding the Train

        what to do if i lost train ticket

        If you lost tickets before boarding the train, the same tickets can be reissued. Follow 4 steps below to reissue your tickets:

        1. Report the loss to the ticket refund window at the departure station

        Go to ticket refund counter at least 30 minutes before the train departs, providing all the passengers' original passports and the information of the old tickets, including train number, travel date, departure station, arrival station and seat class. Here is the Chinese you can show at the ticket counter:

        • English: Hello, I lost my tickets, please reissue the tickets for me.
        • 你好,我的车票丢失了,需要办理挂失补办

        2. Pay a deposit in cash to get a new ticket and get onboard

        You have to pay a deposit in cash in Chinese yuan (same amount of the ticket price). The staff at the counter will then issue the new tickets to you.

        3. Ask for a travel proof from the train conductor on the train

        After getting on the train, ask for a travel proof from the train conductor, in order to get the deposit back at your arrival station. You can show the following sentences to any staff on the train.

        • English: Hello, I need to get a specific document from the conductor to prove my original seats are occupied.
        • 你好,我的车票弄丢了,在窗口办理了补票手续,请帮我开具一份乘车证明。

        4. Get your deposit back at the arrival station within 24 hours

        After getting off the train, please go to the ticket refund window at the arrival station, providing your new ticket, orginal passports, and the travel proof within 24 hours (A small fee of about RMB5.00/ticket will be charged). Then, the staff at the counter will return the deposit (in cash) to you. You can show the following sentences to the staff at the counter:

        • English: Hello, I reissued my lost tickets. Please refund the deposit to me. Thank you!
        • 你好,我的车票办理了补票手续,现在请帮我办理退款,谢谢!

        If Lost Tickets on The Train

        Three steps:

        1. Report the loss to the staff on the train.

        Provide your ticket information and original passport to the staff, they will check your purchase record.

        2. Get your ticket reissued

        If your purchase record is found, the staff will reissue a new ticket for you.

        3. Use the new ticket to check out

        If Lost Tickets Before Checking Out

        If you lost your tickets after getting off the train before check-out, report the loss to the staff at the arrival station. If your purchase record is found, you will get a proof to check out.

        Please contact your trip advisor for help if you need any assistance in having lost tickets reissued or reimbursed. Your trip advisor will be available via mobile phone 24/7 and will try and provide any information you may need.

        If Lost International Train Tickets

        Please kindly note that international train tickets, even including those to and from Hong Kong, can’t be reissued if you lose them. You can’t get any refund either. If you do lose them, you’ll need to rebook new tickets and pay for them again. Please always keep your tickets in a safe place.