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        Home China Train Hangzhou Train Schedule

        Hangzhou Train Schedule

        Hangzhou Railway Station
        Hangzhou Railway Station (known to local residents as Chengzhan Station) is the oldest and main station in the city. It lies at the junction of Huancheng East Road and West Lake Avenue and is only 10 minutes’ ride to West Lake. Thanks to its proximity to Shanghai, the station not only operates routes to most major cities of China but runs frequent connections to Shanghai.

        Hangzhou East Railway Station
        Hangzhou East is 38 kilometers from the city center at Wulin Square. Its integration of high-speed trains, ordinary trains, and metro makes it super-convenient for passengers heading to Beijing, Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Chengdu, Wuhan and especially Shanghai, where passengers can change to other forms of transport.

        (Updated on May 3rd, 2017)

        From To Popular Train(s) Travel Time Distance (KM) Prospect Price
        Hangzhou Station Shanghai Hongqiao  Station G7312(18:00-19:00) 1h 178km 1st Class: $18
        2nd Class: $12
        Shanghai Station G7352(20:00-21:31) 1h31m 171km 1st Class: $22
        2nd Class: $14
        Shanghai  Sout h Station Z282(17:04-18:54) 1h50m 174km Hard Seat: $5
        Beijing Station *Z10(17:17-07:34) 14h17m 1279km Soft Sleeper: $83
        Hard Sleeper: $53
        Xi'an Station *K656(09:30-6:56) 21h26m 1316km Soft Sleeper: $75
        Hard Sleeper: $48
        Hangzhou East Station
        Shanghai Hongqiao  Station G1388(18:43-19:35) 52m 176km 1st Class: $18
        2nd Class: $11
        Shanghai Sout h Station K124(09:41-11:40) 1h59m 173km Hard Seat:$4
        Beijing  South Station G20(08:30-13:30) 5h 1275km 1st Class: $132
        2nd Class: $79
        Xi'an North  Station G1882(08:24-16:06) 7h42m 1311km 1st Class: $156
        2nd Class: $95
        Ningbo Station G63(11:56-12:48) 52m 149km 1st Class: $18
        2nd Class: $11
        Huangshan North  Station G1509(09:49-13:13) 3h24m 217km 1st Class: $57
        2nd Class: $37
        Guilin Station G1505(09:19-17:21) 8h02m 1328km 1st Class: $136
        2nd Class: $86
        Guangzhou South  Station G85(08:47-14:51)
        1279 1st Class: $173
        2nd Class: $105
        Superior: $184
        Soft Sleeper: $106
        2nd Class: $70
        Shenzhen  North  Station D3111(07:33-18:12) 10h39m 1255 1st Class: $79
        2nd Class: $36
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