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        Chengdu Tours

        As the homeland of giant pandas, Chengdu is one of the historic cities in China, with a long history of over 3,000 years. It enjoys the title of "the land of abundance", not only for its abundant grain products, but also for its rich tourism resources. Lovely pandas, picturesque landscapes, Buddhist culture, and Tibetan villages are sparkling diamonds on the crown of Chengdu.

        We have designed the following Chengdu tours to explore all the highlights in and around Chengdu. All of them are flexible and can be customized to suit your budget and interests.

        What Our Private Tailor-Made Tours Offer You

        1-1 Chengdu expert help planning1-1 Chengdu expert help planning
        1-1 Chengdu expert help planning Experiences beyond the tourist attractions
        1-1 Chengdu expert help planningThe best guides, directly trained and hired by us
        Trip Advisor 559 + excellent Chengdu tour reviews
        Fantastic experience in Chengdu with China Highlights. Everything perfectly and accurately organized. Panda keeper program in Dujiangyan very fascinating and named as the best experience in China by our children. - Rikytaccola from Milan, Italy

        Best Panda Keeper Program Tours

        These are the most popular panda keeper program tours for panda lovers like you. We proudly provide viarious choices of panda tours to meet your requirements.

        Dujiangyan panda keeper program tour
        1-dayFrom US$269 p/p
        Dujiangyan Panda Keeper Program Tour
        • Time-smart day tour for a panda keeper program tour
        • Feed a panda with your own hands at a very close distance
        • Clean the enclosure for pandas
        View more
        Panda baby keeper program tour
        2-dayFrom US$999 p/p
        Wolong Baby Panda Nanny Tour
        • New unique program that is currently only offered by China Highlights
        • A hands-on encounter with a group of labrador-sized panda cubs
        • Feed the cubs with milk and bamboo shoots
        View more
        Wolong panda keeper program tour
        4-dayFrom US$819 p/p
        Wolong In-Depth Panda Tour
        • Less crowded and new base
        • Observe the pandas' acts in the staff-only control room
        • Explore the edge habitat of wild pandas with Tibetan guide
        View more

        Best Chengdu and Around Tour Packages

        These are the most popular Chengdu itineraries for visiting the classic attractions and around area. All the following tours are private, and can be customized.

        Chengdu panda and sichuan cuisine tour
        1-dayFrom US$239 p/p
        The Best of Chengdu
        • A full exploration of the best of Chengdu
        • A smart route to meet pandas during their active period
        • A food challenge at local farmer market
        • A Sichuan cuisine cooking experience in local chef's kitchen
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        Chengdu best city tour
        1-dayFrom US$179 p/p
        Chengdu Beyond the Pandas
        • A in-depth experience of Chengdu's unique laid-back lifestyle
        • Enjoy the close connection with local people
        • Teahouse manner, marriage market and square dance heat
        • Go behind the scenes to the backstage of Sichuan opera
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        Leshan giant buddha tour
        2-dayFrom US$409 p/p
        The Giant Buddha and Lost Ancient Town
        • Two most highly rated attractions of Chengdu and around
        • Be amazed at the largest sitting Buddha statue
        • An off-road visit to an 500-year-old ancient town
        • A street food hunt in different places of local's favorite
        View more

        Tours from Chengdu

        Chengdu is one of the biggest transportation hubs in China. Convenient transportation including flights and bullet trains mean it is very easy to start your China trip from Chengdu.

        Siguniang mountain tour
        4-dayFrom US$1,679 p/p
        Mount Siguniang and Wolong Tour
        • Siguniang mountain and Wolong
        • Picturesque mountain scenery and the pandas
        View more
        Chengdu and Lhasa tour
        8-dayFrom US$1,659 p/p
        Chengdu and Lhasa Classic Tour
        • Chengdu and Lhasa highlights
        • Pandas, Sichuan cuisine, holy temples and picturesque landscape
        View more
        Panda keeper and china classic wonder
        12-dayFrom US$2,969 p/p
        Panda Keeper and Classic Wonders Tour
        • Beijing-Xi'an-Chengdu-Guilin-Shanghai
        • Cover the most famous sights in the most popular destinations
        View more

        Spotlight Experiences to Enrich Your Chengdu Tour

        We believe an authentic travel experience goes beyond visiting the must-see attractions. We enable you to immerse yourself in local traditions and life.

        Chengdu market
        The Last Farmers' Market in Chengdu Discover ordinary's life behind the scenes in local market Learn more
        Chengdu city tour
        Be a Half-Day Chengdunese in Local Park Tea etiquette, marriage market and square dance heat Learn more
        baby panda keeper tour
        Be a One-Day Baby Panda Nanny A hands-on encounter with a group of labrador-sized panda cubs Learn more
        Evening visit to the Panda
        Have an Evening Date with the Pandas Observe the pandas' acts in the staff-only control room Learn more

        No suitable tour? Need some advice? We're here to help.