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        China Highlights' itineraries have no built-in souvenir shops, factory outlets, detours or other commission earners.

        Discovery Your Way!

        If you ask to go shopping, we're happy to take you to quality local shops, and help you pick a bargin in some interesting local markets.

        See What Our Customers Say

        Congratulations to China Highlights for abandoning the "shopping opportunities". I have travelled in China many times but I have used the services of travel agents only twice because of the forced visits to shops and factories to look at things I had no intention of buying. I'm sure your clients will be relieved that they are no longer treated like 鸭子(means duck) being herded around the shops.

        From Colin *** on Feb.8, 2014
        How this affects your China tour?

        With our 'No shopping, no factories no detours' policy, this allows you more time to enjoy and see sites, go to places where you want to go, without the hassles of being forced to go to places where you have no interest. 

        It also protects you from having the feeling of being pressured to see places and to purchase items that you may not have an interest or like.  This helps take away that awkwardness between you and the tour guide, so that you have nothing to worry but enjoying your holiday.

        When did this change?

        Since October 1st, 2013, all tours arranged by China Highlights will never go to retail outlets, and our tour guides will not recommend you any tourist shops, unless you ask.

        Why now?

        About 80% of travel agencies would arrange shops and factories when tourists booked a tour; and 90% tour guides would take customers to tourist shops and receive commission. It had become a standard in China.

        We have always felt this is a waste of customers' time and money. We have wanted to change this situation for many years, and remove shopping from all of our tours. Recently tourism law changes have allowed us to insist that all city local partners arrange ABSOLUTELY NO SHOPPING tours. This has allowed us to push our no shopping policy forward, making every tour a no shopping tour.

        Any exceptions?

        If you choose to buy a seat-in-coach tour, these can sometimes include shops. These are great value for money, but since they are run by local agents we cannot remove shops. Some do not include shops, but the tour guide might still recommend shopping.

        Of course attractions sometimes have shops at the exits. Naturally we cannot avoid passing through them.

        What if I want to go to a shop?

        If you would like to shopping with your guide just let our travel advisors know while planning your trip. We will ensure your guide is then free to recommend some great local shops and interesting markets. They can even teach you some Chinese or even help you bargin.

        Worry free

        No longer do you need to worry about the awkwardness, hassle, over-charging, and time-wasting of guided shopping visits.

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